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I'm an artist and designer based in Athens, GA. With bachelors and masters degrees in advertising, I've spent most of my career using my creativity to work on advertising campaigns, designing branding, websites, and developing captivating marketing materials.


I taught college as an adjunct professor for seven years at the University of Georgia and online through the Art Institutes, but after my second child was born in 2016, I began to feel the need to create more organically.

I have loved art, painting, drawing, and lettering since I was a child. When I decided to stop teaching, I began to pursue the arts more intentionally, and found a sense of renewed creative fulfillment. 

In 2018, I began to license my artwork, which landed my work in Target and other retailers. I began to explore the world of art licensing and my work is now available through,,, Target, TJ Maxx, Trader Joes, Postable, and others.

I enjoy creative pursuits, helping others, and spending time playing with my two daughters, Nora and Sadie, and my husband, Justin. I am endlessly inspired by music, nature, and travel. 

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